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The land of the Gadda

Those of you who have read the Gadda books (and if you have not, you can find links to buy them here) will know that the Gadda are based in the town of Sclossin, in County Leitrim, Ireland.

On my holiday earlier this year (I can't believe I've been sucked back into life and so much time has passed!) I went to Leitrim to discover the land of the Gadda. It is astounding. Beautiful. Lush. Full of lakes and mountains and hills and valleys and beautiful little villages and so, so, ridiculously green.

It has caused me to completely re-think the Gadda books and I am basically re-booting them. I will go into more detail about that. But in the meantime, here are some of the photos I took of beautiful Leitrim.

#gadda #Leitrim #beauty

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