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The power of adventure

On Friday, I had an amazing adventure.

The annoying thing from your perspective if that right now, I can't tell you much about it. You will know. It will become public. But right now, I am not allowed to say.

I know - little bit spyish. Except terrible spyish because a spy wouldn't even say they'd been on an adventure. They wouldn't let you know anything exciting is happening at all. So in that respect - totally not spyish at all.

And no - no Stormy Daniels style non-disclosure document was signed as part of this. I am being a good girl and abiding by the request.

But the thing I do want to say is this - having an adventure, putting yourself out there - it really rocks. You will find yourself meeting people you would otherwise never meet. You will find yourself in circumstances that are far beyond the ordinary. You will have ups and have downs and feel so incredibly alive!

Here are the things I can say about this adventure:

* Walking along the Yarra of a morning is really nice

* Quest Southbank is a really nice place to stay - highly recommend

* Some people are too friendly for their own good (I totally count myself amongst that group)

* Even if you lose, you can win

The adventure was over really quickly actually and it still feels a bit like a dream. But it will become very, very real - and you will all be sharing the realness.

Until then - back to work and normality tomorrow. Le sigh.


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