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Tim free!

I must preface this by stating, for the record, that I love my husband dearly. He is my best friend, my confidant, my greatest support.

That said, I absolutely adore it when he goes away. Because I am an introvert, and having a break from people (even people I love) is vital. Particularly not long after I have been onsite at a conference, where I have worked long days with lots of interaction with people and I am all peopled out.

So this weekend is about chilling and being by myself. I don't have to talk to another human being if I don't want to. I can have complete silence in the house, or just play my music. I can shut the world off.

Sometimes I go the whole hog and completely disconnect. I don't turn on the tv. I don't watch any movies. I don't go online. I wrap myself up in a bubble of nothing but me and the budgies (who don't count in the whole people thing).

A weekend of this can restore me to equalibrium and keep me going for weeks. I become calmer. I can deal with stress better. I have more time for people and aren't as annoyed at interruptions and calls on me. Because world - you can be fucking exhausting!

So, to my beloved husband - good luck this weekend in the NSW Croquet 3 & Under Singles Tournament. I hope you have a great time and play like a demon and take those motherfuckers out!

I'll see you Sunday night a much happier wife.

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