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How Maree came to be

Being asked to be part of the latest instalment in the Secret Confessions series was a career highlight for me. I loved the previous two series (Backstage - about a rock band & Sydney Housewives) so was really pleased to be involved in the next.

Led by the fabulous Tracey O'Hara, we gathered and started to develop the town of Milpinyani Springs. It's in south-west Queensland, for those who wanted to know. We decided to set it around the time of the local rodeo, so there would be lots of people in town and therefore lots of opportunities for hook ups!

Part of the preparation was a list of possible characters or tropes, so we would all be a bit different. The moment I saw 'the teacher at the one-teacher school' on the list, I knew what I was doing! Having been a teacher in the past, I know how stressful that job can be (particularly in a one teacher school) and how important it is to have a stress reliever. And what better stress reliever than some hot sex with a hot cowboy?

As I am a woman who is getting into the older age bracket (47, starting menopause), I wanted to write about a older woman still getting her rocks off. Thus was Maree born - she's come out to Milpinyani Springs to take over the school, having seen her own children leave the nest. She's worked hard to establish herself in this small town, and now that she is comfortable it is time for her to have some fun. And she knows exactly who she wants to have fun with - Brad, the local cowboy who is also the parttime groundsman of the school.


Brad was here.

Maree went back to grab her handbag and pull out her compact. She checked her reflection in the mirror. Still neatly groomed – hair neat and tidy, light make-up still in place. Maybe her lips could do with an extra coat of gloss...

That done, she crossed the classroom and out onto the verandah, arriving at the top of the steps in time to see Brad complete the saunter from the car to the bottom of the steps.

Lord, he was beautiful. Tall, tanned, rangy limbs that she’d seen pop with muscles on more than one very happy occasion. He pushed up the rim of his Akubra to look up at her with light blue eyes that she fancied could pierce her soul and collect her innermost thoughts and desires.

Be still my beating heart. My quaking knees. My aching pussy.

“Afternoon, Ms Haraldson.”

“Afternoon, Brad.”

No matter what she said, she couldn’t convince him to use her first name. She didn’t like the distance his behaviour created between them.

“How do you manage to look after those little bug – I mean brats and still look so good?”

His voice was soft, a bit gravelly, and Maree had no problem whatsover imagining it huskily whispering in her ear as he undressed her and then did marvelous things to her body.

“One could ask you the same question,” she said. “If you can call cattle brats.”

Brad laughed, a warm rich sound that turned Maree’s insides to jelly.

“Some days you can. Anything in particular you need me to do?”

So many things she needed from him. Particularly when he said it like that, deeper, slower, like the words had meaning. And had his gaze dropped from hers to check out her body? The thought sent tingles through her, centralising in a throb between her legs.


You can buy Maree's story, along with all the other stories in Secret Confessions: Down & Dusty right now.

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