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Past, present and future.

Welcome everyone to 2018! I hope you've all had a joyful and relaxing holiday period and are now raring to go with the new year!

It is my tradition to go over my previous year and then make plans for the following year. This time I'm doing all that in the one blog post.

So: here is my 2017 review.

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for the basis of the post - they had done up a list for people to fill in for 2015 and I just used it for 2017. Will make an interesting comparison to use it again for this year.

So that's the past - what about the future?

2018 is going to be big.

* 4 books coming out (omnibus of Down & Dusty, The Importance of Ernestine, The Lies We Tell (in a collection and in print!) and the first book of the new gadda trilogy, People of the Star

* Writing wise, I need to finish, polish and submit book two of the trilogy, and finish drafting book three

* I am taking my dream trip to England, Ireland and Wales in April/May

* Work wise I am currently scheduled to work on five conferences - AELERT, ACSC, NVC, QUESTnet and Wounds Australia. None of that means anything to most of you, but it is a record

* I'm getting back involved with Conflux and will be helping out with the programming

* Tim and I will be moving to the country, once we find (and are accepted for) the right place

* I'm going to continue to look after myself - I've lost five kilos since mid November and I want to keep going and get fitter and stronger

And who knows what else will happen as the year unfolds!

So as far as the present is concerned - I have three more days before I go back to work. I am using that time to develop routines that will allow me to get done everything I need to do get done this year.

I am working through the edits of The Importance of Ernestine and hope to have them back by the next weekend.

I am pre-writing some blog posts to assist with all this.

Let the year begin!

#Writing #AboutNicole #plans

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