Season's Greetings

And the last day of the day job was worked in 2017 and there was much rejoicing.

So now it is Christmas, and what have I done?

Up until yesterday afternoon, nothing. Hubby has been doing the heavy lifting - he's making everyone presents. But yesterday afternoon (last day of work was a half day) I finally got my Christmas Tree out (need to get some lights today for decoration) and then went and helped hubby.

Thankfully not hosting this year - in fact, in my 47 years of life, I have hosted Christmas once. I am on a win. Part of the good things that come from not having children I think - plus having parents who want you there.

So it's my sisters doing the hosting this year - all I have to do is bring some food. Yay!

I'm not back at work until January 8, so I get to have a couple of weeks of focussing on my true love - my writing. In particular, working on the Gadda books, although edits for The Importance of Ernestine will come in during that time.

Oh, and planning my dream trip in April/May - England, Ireland and Wales. Going to be amazing!

Wishing everyone happiness and peace during the time. May your family not fight, may no one drunk vomit in your favourite plant and may someone else offer to do the dishes.

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