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Welcome to the heart — and heat — of Australia…


They say that no one has secrets in a small town — these women prove them wrong.


Eight stories from some of Australia’s hottest writers in Australia’s hottest genre. From the bar stools of the local pub to the wide open plains of the biggest stations in the world, these tales travel the dusty roads to the heart of Australia and the women who understand how to work hard — and play even harder.


In the latest in the wildly successful Secret Confessions series from Escape Publishing, the women of Down & Dusty invite you into their lives — and their bedrooms.

Nicole Murphy writes speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy and horror. Her novel length works often include a healthy touch of romance.

Elizabeth Dunk is Nicole's contemporary romance writing alter-ego. It's also the name for her erotica writing, which sometimes has a speculative element too.

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