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1. One thing that made me very happy in 2017 was same sex marriage finally being legalised.

2. On the other hand, I was sad when the Catholic Church said they wouldn't implement all the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

3. One thing that made me proud was hubby completing his first commission as a woodworker.

4. I can't believe that in 2017 I broke my foot tripping over pavement.

5. The longest trip I took was to Queensland with Tim and it was very relaxing and just what I needed. 

6. In 2017, I ate (or drank) too much fried food particularly hot chips.

7. I swear that next year I will eat (or drink) less of that and consume more fruit and vegetables.


2017 in review

8. The thing that scared me most in 2017 was the rise of naziism.


9. My biggest surprise was my birthday dinner with my family organised by hubby.  It was just what I needed.


10. If I could undo one thing that happened to me in 2017, it would be the broken foot. It really fucked things up.


11. If I could undo one thing that happened in the world in 2017, it would be the treatment of the refugees.


12. The amazing new person I met in 2017 was a wonderful young woman at work who is so delightful and open to life it's inspiring.1


3. I think this person is amazing because - see above.


14. In 2017, I learned how to take better care of myself!


15. I spent the one and only precious summer of 2017 looking after myself.


16. In 2017, I lost my glasses (but found them again).


17. I gained wisdom.


18. I wasted too much time on regretting the past.

19. The most fruitful time I spent was in therapy.


20. I regret how much money I spent on bad food.


21. On the other hand, I spent a lot of money on movies and it was worth every penny.


22. Of all the things that irked me in pop culture, the thing that irked me most was Whiny fan bois.


23. The best TV show I watched all year (streaming or other) was Jane the Virgin  (hard choice).


24. The worst TV show was something I don't remember cause I stopped watching it so quickly.


25. In any year, I think people who watch a lot of TV are making a legitimate lifestyle choice.


26. The book I've recommended most in 2017 is anything by Anna Campbell.


27. One book I started in 2017 but never finished and probably never will is one I don't remember cause life is too short for bad books.

28. One of the nicest things anybody did for me all year was the birthday party my coworkers threw for me cause we all had to work that day even though it was Saturday.


29. One of the nicest things I did for someone else was be me? Actually I want to work on being a more thoughtful person.


30. My most surprising health-related moment was the broken foot. Harping on it I know but who breaks a bone tripping over a crack on a footpath?


31. I complained a little too much about my health without doing anything about it.


32. Of all the New Year's resolutions I made in January, the one I kept best was getting over my obsession with mentally reliving the past.


33. If I had to sum up my 2017 in three words or fewer, they would be growth, commitment, wisdom.

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